Trope Twister


literally just redditors.

Will they / won’t they


People making up their fucking minds already
I mean, people have social anxiety and the romance is helping them deal with it

Love at first sight


love interest is actually a terrible person but MC denies it b/c they think it’s true love. they let themselves be walked on and manipulated until they realise the relationship has 0 chemistry and they stand up for themselves.

amnesia/memory loss


Protagonist’s memory loss comes from dissociation, as the result of mental illness and/or trauma, and they get better once they seek help about it.



The billionaire is a female.

Bad boys


The bad boy is a chick.

Werewolf/Vampire Romance


The vampire is leader of the werewolves

Mysterious, quite guy


He’s actually a pretty upbeat and funny guy who’s shy.

Main characters introduced just so other characters’ plot can go a certain way.