Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


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Explains alot. Idk how i managed to do this without the whole explanation.


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I haven’t had a problem with Chrome and this Community on either my PC (Windows 7) or my phone (Android)


What is this wiki thing?


Like this

You can edit it

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Not sure if I get it. So this wiki thing is basically being able to edit your posts?


You add and remove

Yeah basically edit I can close it if I want and see the history of it and know who wrote what


I’m still a basic but cool.
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Here’s also what it looks like Best advice for new Wattpadders: Add to this Wiki Post!


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thank you so much! i was very confused when i first entered the forums on my new account (old one got hacked rip) and this was very helpful :slight_smile:


@EPrescott Here for trust level and This is where you post contest but check guidelines please :slight_smile:


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Maybe the wrong place to ask but how do I change my profile pic? I want to use the one on my Wattpad profile but I have a guitar (??) Ok, nevermind! I fixed it, but now everything is Spanish when I log out?


Better ask here

Ask the Ambassadors Anything.


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@CrossFxded i suggest that you please have a look at this-

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