Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


I’m so lost lol. I haven’t been in the community for a month or two, (since summer where it was still the old version). This new one is going to take some getting used to. Can anyone still create new topics? I’m member status I think but I can’t create new topics. I’ve read the new rules but I think I missed something. Do I have to be a regular to create topics?


You should be able to create a topic. Do you maybe use Google Chrome?



Oh yes, is there a problem with google chrome? Thanks for the quick reply @matzeztam


Yes. It seems discourse(the plattform we are using) dislikes chrome. Try to use another browser. Firefox works pretty good


Great thanks!


The program we are using is Discourse. Discord is something else entirely.


ups. Thanks.


No, there isn’t, tbh :slight_smile: I’ve been using Discourse on Google Chrome since 6 months and the UI has been smooth and easy to manage.

@matzeztam Discourse works smoothly on Google Chrome too, Mat :slight_smile:


really, because some people have problems with it


Yes. Haven’t faced any as yet :slight_smile:




Thanks Mat :slight_smile:


maybe you have a different version of chrome and that is why you have no problem.

Why thank me?


You helped me. And any help is always thanked for =]


Oh ok. Thanks


@Velvetxkiss ^^




This thread can help you know more about trust levels and what you can do at each trust level and how to reach the next one

Did you have any questions about it before?


Nono I was just confused as to why someone replied to me when I don’t think I’ve used this chat before


you were tagged here, because maybe you ask somewhere what “trust levels” are or complained about not being able to post links and picture or creating a topic and @Nablai just wanted to give you the information you need by tagging you here.

(Just a guess)