Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


Just tag their name in the thread where you want them :slight_smile:


does it work if they are not the part of the community?


Do you mean that they are not in these forums?


ya .they are in wattpad but not here…


When you click on the invite button located at the end of the page, you get this-

Adding the username in the inbox gives you this-

Can’t you just ask them to join the forums by PM on Wattpad? Here’s the link-


There is a way to invite a new user by website



Oh… They @ea_paperbits wanted to invite their friends to these forums via the Discourse site


Maybe? I am not sure what you mean by the invite tab ^^’ here or in the main site?


This tab-


Oh no that one is to invite already existing members


Okay. Doesn’t work for me, tbh…


Go to the main site and you can invite your friends there a picture is there above ^


Or you can do it via app


thank you


Not a spammer, just need regular directions, possibly? Maybe I’m just slow? Where do I click on the dark fantasy page to add my story? Is it the reply button at the bottom of the page? Or somewhere else? I get the blue box to my right as I’m typing and all of the things it’s telling me not to do, the posts above the one I’m trying to make are doing…Like make sure you aren’t posting a link to your story. Ads are only allowed in the SYS threads(Which is where I thought I was?) Help? Thanks.


It keeps telling me I can’t post a link. Got the book cover up, but when I tried to post a link, I get the warning. I’m still basic…


A guide to the new threads Have you check this?

The reply blue box is where you can post your own. But if there’s a problem maybe you didn’t finish the trust level? :confused:


I’m still working on the trust levels. It said for my first four posts? Or did I read that wrong? I’ll work on it. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Haven’t been active on Wattpad for a few months and things sure have changed. I’ll be honest and say I am a bit annoyed that I’m not able to talk in the clubs as I’m used to, but I guess this is for the better in the long run!


Sorry and I know but spambots came over one day so that’s why it came to this. Really lucky you didn’t see the attack of the Korean spambots army :joy: