Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


I agree with you! :blush:


If only I trusted WattPad as much as WattPad trusts me.


Sorry, but the badges and all make me feel as if my every twitch is tracked.

I’ve ignored the schtick with Premium and adverts.

Now there’s some scheme using coins. As if people will stop writing and posting unless they get paid in spare change.



i’ve reached level 1… this is my question… i want to offer to critique over on that feedback thread… can i do that before i’ve reached level 3?


You can post topic or reply. Level 2 or 3 is for the wiki which there’s a thread on what it looks like :slight_smile:


@shaylabeth99 This is what a wiki looks like-

Please feel free to add to it :slight_smile:

About the Share Your Story category

@JesseBurns3 Hey there :slight_smile:
Please read the first post to know what you have to do to post links and pictures. And while at it, you can also browse this thread-


I can’t add images to my post for some reason.


That strange. You have the needed trust level.
Are you using chrome?


Yes. I’m using chrome. Is that the problem? :frowning:


yes. What I heard is that chrome isn’t really good for using this forum.

I would recommend firefox


I’ll just settle on not sending photos any time soon. Firefox is way too laggy for me to actually use it.



I used Chrome whenever I am online on mobile and I say that I can post photos. Anyways, try to refresh your site and see what happens


I have! It’s been like this ever since I joined the threads. I can’t post photos :frowning:


I wondered why… :thinking:

Anyways, do you have the discourse app? Maybe it will work because I don’t see anything wrong aside from you cannot post images…


What’s that? I’m not posting on my phone. I’m posting on my laptop.


Is it just taking forever to download photos or do you just see a blank whenever you try to send a photo?


Wait nevermind. I just tried to upload a photo here to see what it says but it uploaded the picture instead xD


I hope we were able to help I use chrome on both phone and laptop for the forms and it allows me to send photos tho sometimes it just gets annoying to wait for them to download lol


It did. Thank you so much for your help.