Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


That sounds like a lot.


well okay. but it’s gotten complicated.


Sorry about that. It was due to spambots one night that these has to happen


it’s okay. i’m starting to understand how it works. thanks. :smiley:


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Thank you for this! Helpful :slight_smile:


Hey, I don’t know if this has been asked already, but in the descriptions of the badges for the trust levels, it says level two grants you “more likes per day”. What does that mean? Is there a cap on the amount of likes you can give or receive before that point?


The amount of likes you can give out

There is a limit to how many likes you can give per day (I think so because others did talk about there being a limit them being out of likes to give)


I believe that @KatherineArlene is the best person to answer this question. Since she knows more than anyone else :slight_smile:



Please read the first post here to get to know why you are currently not able to post links and pictures


Ok, thanks


How do we see our trust level?


Click on your profile pic and you’ll get to see your trust level-



I was a little confused before reading this topic, but the material here really helped! Thanks so much, everyone! :smile:

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To enter topics do you have to respond or just click them? I’m really confused on how this all works?


You enter the thread. If you want to response that’s up to you.



please read the first post here


Thanks for the speedy reply! I have earned the basic trust level. Therefore, I assume that I can post a book cover pic and blurb in the Psychological Thriller thread and not violate community etiquette. Appreciate your help!


no problem


I give your profile pic an A+