Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


You can contact KatherineArlene per pm on wattpad or here.
Maybe she is able to help you.


Yeah, Kaleth. Take this to the next level.


Or I will.

@KatherineArlene Hello Katherine. Thanks in advance for your response to this. With his achievements, why is Kaleth still a basic user? And while I’m asking questions, why was one of our threads unlisted after being closed for several hours?



If you’re not in the clubs for a while, your trust level drops. As for your thread, I’d need a link to be able to answer your question. However, if a thread is closed, it’s always unlisted. That’s our standard procedure.


How long is “a while”?


I see. Maybe I’m not clear on what “unlisted” means, because other closed threads are “locked” but still accessible without a direct link.

This is the thread I’m referring to:

About trust levels dropping, my question is the same as above: what are the specifics of that process (and how long is a while)?


I think there actually a system problem.
Usually you can only loose TL3, but once you are TL2 you will stay TL2 forever.
(At least someone said it once)


@KatherineArlene I was granted the “member” badge, but then I lost it. I haven’t had more than 5 posts flagged. Why did I lose it?


From what I can see on your profile, you are still a member.


I’m sorry my bad. I meant the “regular” badge


You can read Katherine’s post here-


Huh. Was I inactive for fourteen days? Well… I have to check. Thanks for your help


I’ve posted each day for the past 14 days… is that inactive?


No, it isn’t inactive. @KatherineArlene can help you better with this ^^


Thanks anyways


I think the problem is that you viewed/entered too less threads in the last 100 days

You need to view 500 threads in the last 100 days
You only viewed 797 topics in 154 days. So maybe that is the problem


Oh that’s probably why. Thank you!


no problem


Just view/enter another 100 threads and then you get TL3 again


Sounds good. Thank you!