Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


@KatherineArlene I understand my post has been buried here, and that you’re in demand, but I hope you haven’t forgotten about—no, it’s impossible to forget about me.

Reaching Trust Level 2 matters quite a bit to @KalethAnaton.


Hah. It doesn’t matter to me that much, Grecious. I would just like to understand. : )


As would I.


Your thread was closed by Discourse because it reached the maximum number of posts. I must have noticed it was closed and unlisted it. There are probably a lot of threads that have automatically closed in the cafe, but the moderators haven’t noticed, and therefore they have not been unlisted.

As for your trust level. I took a look at your profile on here to see if I could figure out what’s going on with your trust level. The only thing I noticed that might be affecting it is the fact that you’ve had two of your posts flagged.


Makes sense. I’ll consider that thread an ironic outlier, then.

About flags, I hear 5 is the limit for Trust Level 3. Why would 2 keep me from Trust Level 2?

As I said, though, I’m asking about @KalethAnaton’s trust level, not my own. I do appreciate you looking into mine anyway.


Perhaps some mysteries are better left unsolved.


Why’s that?


You may not like the actual answer.


I’m sure I won’t. I don’t like certainties. They’re too satisfying.


Hah. Yes, I suppose so. : )


There isn’t a way to adjust the number of flags that would prevent someone from reaching TL2, and frankly, I wasn’t sure that’s what was causing the problem. After looking at the flags, both were ignored, so now I’m certain that isn’t the issue. In any case, I’ve overridden the system and you now have TL2. :katherinearlene:


BTW I know you were asking about someone else’s trust level, but that’s not something I can discuss with anyone but that person.


Thank you for your patience with us. May I ask, then, what the problem with my trust level is?

@SirGrecious, congratulations, underdog. The irony isn’t lost on me.


That level of hacking on my behalf is kind of you, Katherine. Thank you.

I believe Kaleth came to this thread in the first place asking about his own trust level.

I hope the two of you can sort out the issue, but if not, he’s always wanted to be a hipster anyway.

@KalethAnaton Thank you very much. I pass on the mantle of ironic underdog to you. You’ll grow into it.


@SirGrecious You’re welcome :katherinearlene:

@KalethAnaton I don’t have any idea, however, I’ve posted a question to Discourse to see if they might be able to figure it out.


@KatherineArlene :grinning:

@KalethAnaton I’m sorry for the preferential treatment, but what can I say.


Yes, yes, no one is immune to your charm, Grecious.


@SirGrecious @KalethAnaton

Of course, as soon as I posted the question, I went back through the requirements and have solved the riddle for both of you.

You’re required to respond to 20 different topics to reach TL2, which is less than the number both of you have participated in.

So now one of you has TL2, and one of you doesn’t. What do I do… :thinking:


@KalethAnaton @SirGrecious

Why does my spy network have to track you down for me? Why not just say hi? O.o


Truly? Because there has been a lot of talk in this thread about what ‘entering a topic’ means, and everyone seems to be of the impression it is simply opening a thread, not posting in it. Perhaps that would be a good point to clear up in the requirements.