Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


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It’s okay. I’m teasing anyway~


That’s good to know!

As for the imbalance of power, I promise I won’t tell anyone if you promote Kaleth simply out of pity.


This is serious business.


I edited the first post to reflect it when I found it. When I wrote this thread, I was trying to figure out what all the requirements meant, and I’ve found a few errors since then, unfortunately. :see_no_evil:


Heheehehe. XD I’m glad to see you actually working to upgrade instead of downgrade.


I is the spy.


Alright, thank you for clearing this up and for your time.


CHARA! SPIES DON’T OUT THEMSELVES! :woman_facepalming:


That’s all right, Katherine. Kaleth has a way of nitpicking to the point of absurdity. Someone like that deserves Trust Level 2, or perhaps to lose his privileges altogether.


:scream: no!


Whoops. crawls back into hiding


Probably the latter.


Too late now. :woman_facepalming::rofl:


Probably. You’ll get the trust you want someday. Don’t give up.


A kind reminder to please stay on topic and don’t derail the thread :slight_smile: Thanks =]


Kaleth don’t even get started on that sense of humor. I b*tched about it all day yesterday to Grecious


Shush! I’m trying to be invisible.


Alright. Sorry. I’ll leave~