Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


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@CharaLiha @EverestNeverlynn @SirGrecious I didn’t mean to be rude. Please don’t leave. :sweat_smile: It was just a reminder. Nothing else!


Don’t apologize. They were being extraordinarily disruptive.


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I know, but I have nothing to say about this topic.

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@CharaLiha @EverestNeverlynn Then I’m gonna pull a Nablai and point out that interrupting my serious conversation with Katherine and Kaleth was not a wise move. :slight_smile: :smiley: =)

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what do u mean two topics? what are those and where?


she means just two threads. It is not important which threads you enter


Sorry, I had to remove your post as it was not related to the topic. To find readers, why don’t you start a thread (in Dutch!) in the club of the genre you write in?
I hope that helps,

Best, Lina - Community Ambassador :lhansonauthor:


wow… this is very helpful…


Do you have a question?
I can help you


currently no. i’m completely new to this and i’m looking into it. once i’ve got anything to clarify i’ll ask you. anyways thank you so much for asking.


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
You can always ask for help here-


thank you


Hello. I am at Trust Level 1, which means I should be able to create topics. I cannot. The Create Topic button is always disabled. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

  • John


Hey John,

Which browser are you using?


Harsh and funny. Love it when your pointy sense of humor is directed at the Borg and not typo-prone new users. The lab rat was good, too.


Seriously, it ain’t about spammers. There are tried-and-true invisible ways to deal with 'em. It’s about gamification. Some good, solid psychology behind it. Badges, too. Make people lust after the silly things. Used forever by the military, by the police, by the Boy Scouts, by kindergarten teachers everywhere (gotta love those sticky gold stars). It works, if done right. Here’s another. And a blog with good examples. But Wattpad can claim a safe distance from the silliness of it, because it’s a feature of the Discourse platform.

@EmmaKatSpector said it best in pictures - 389 and 391 in this thread. Here’s some rewards for it :+1:t5::cookie::cupcake::1st_place_medal::wink:

Best thing anyone can do: be chill; ignore it. Otherwise, you’re being played.