Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

I am using Chrome, but maybe I don’t understand how create topic should be used. Is there something in the knowledge base about creating topics? I was trying to create a new topic in the Community site in the Share Your Story section with the various categories. Who can create topics there? What kind of topics can a Level 1 user create?


Chrome does sometimes not work with Discourse.
Please try out another browser like Firefox or Edge.

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Anyone can create topics in any thread.

Any kind of topics. There is no limit on the genres/ discussions/chats you create.

You click on the Wattpad Feedback and News category. Like this-

Clicking on the category directs you to this page. Click on the +New Topic [it’s in grey] given on the right hand side of the features -

And the create topic post opens-

Fill the relevant details and you are good to start.

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How do you move up in levels?

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just be active in clubs.

To get to know what you have to do to get new trust levels just read the first post here

So, to clarify, the post says wiki. yet I access this as a newbie at wattpad. Does it mean I have to earn trust as regulars first to be able to post my stories/chapters?

:wattpad: elcome to clubs

So yes you have to earn at least ‘trust level basic user’, before you can start to create your own threads or post links to gifs,… or to post pictures.
(you only have to be online for 3 minutes and read 10 more posts, then you should get it)

As this is only the forum, you can’t post here your story. We have wattpad for that and there this trust level system doesn’t exist.
(I hope I understood you right)

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Welcome to Wattpad and the forums :slight_smile:

No, you do not need to earn trust to post stories/chapters on Wattpad. You can read this article for more info on how to use Wattpad-

The forums are a different platform. You can have a look at this thread for more info on the forums-

A guide to the new threads

Here are the Club Guidelines for you to browse.

You can also ask for help in the Ask the Ambassadors Anything.

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@vexham This is where you do trust level first and then the guide

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Alright I’ll do it right now

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My first time here. Excited to dive into what interesting things people discuss here!!

Hey :wattpad:elcome to clubs

If you have any question just ask here or there ‘Ask the Ambassadors Anything

We also have an unofficial guide here
A guide to the new threads

Hope you have a great time here

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

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Hi! New user, here. Probably a stupid question, but: How do you enter topics? Is this different from creating stories?


Just click a topic and it’ll be considered “entered”!

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That makes sense! Thank you! (I feel like a dummy)

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Hi katheerine What job and posts to read?

You can read any replies/threads to gain the trust level

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ok thank you for help

I wanna hear the rest of that story xD

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