Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


Once upon a time when the club was in beta mode it was all quiet until something happened no one foreseen it. A spambot!

One Korean spambot made a topic post, writing in all Hangul (Korean language) and a link to their porn (or whatever) then you thought it was over. No, it wasn’t over…

More came and made topic threads with the same writing and even when the beta clubbers flagged it did nothing and their flag usage was all used and needs waiting. So after the clubs got cleaned up and the spambots were smashed (even in WP) to bits and pieces, it was decided to make a plan. Something where spambots can’t just post easily and thus Trust Level was implemented.

The End

Man, this a good short story :rofl:

Edit: Matz gave me the heads up ‘A little mistake in the story. Trust level existed before. Just the new rules were set in place’. I made a slight mistake :see_no_evil:


Deserves an Oscar


Love the short story, Angel :joy:

And the award for the best Trust level short story goes to…Angel! :trophy: :rofl:


I give it two thumbs up. Fun for the whole family.


A little mistake in the story. Trust level existed before. Just the new rules were set in place


Oh, oops! My memory is not that perfect :see_no_evil: Thanks for notifying


How I wish I’m not busy so I can earn trust levels. :cry::sob:


I should be doing homework, but I am just reading stuff on here. Oops… :sweat_smile:




I actually finished the thing that I was supposed to do today. So, now I am writing and then going to bed. I deserve it. :rofl:


Hello! :smile:

I deleted your post, as you were basically advertising your story and that’s against community rules. Glad you noticed yourself!!!

Thank you for understanding!

Lina - Community Ambassador :lhansonauthor: :


Esses 20 min são lendo posts na comunidade ou a leitura de livros conta?


Bem vindo aos fóruns :slight_smile:
Esses 20 minutos são para ler posts na comunidade.


Wow. That is some of the best info I have found so far. I am loving Watt, just slogging through the community and trying to get my feet wet.


İyi geceler, önerinize uyacağım. Daha çok çalışacağım . Peki kıdem arttığı zaman bilgisi gelecek mi?


Evet, olacak :slight_smile:

Türkçe’yi akıcı olmadığım için Google Translate’i kullanıyorum :slight_smile:


Evet için teşekkür ederim. Çok sevindim.


Merhaba , ben her konuda çalışıyorum. Acaba son durumum nedir?


Göz atman gereken bazı Türkçe konular var-

Sorunuz varsa, @EagleFromAL Türkçe ve kesinlikle size yardımcı olacaktır :slight_smile:


Sorry. I don’t speak turkish can you maybe write it in english too?
Then I can help you.