Try to Guess the Story From the Book Cover

In order to play this game, try to guess the story of the cover above you while also commenting your own. Then, that person will tell you just how right or wrong you were. I think it’s going to be pretty fun to see what kind of guesses will be made. This game should also give us insight about what people infer from our covers.

Okay, I’ll go first.


This makes it a bit tricky, so I will try and break it down.

The bubbles imply in memory of. So this might mean that the story is supposed to be tragic. The name of the book implies that it refers to a plethora amount of information. So connecting these two points, it’s gonna be a long story, and character driven. The feathers also implies the passing of time as well.

So let’s see, I can possibly say that the story might be about how time affects people, and what one has to endure, while carrying certain burdens?


I don’t have much to work with here, so that’s at most from what I can say.



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Hmm, explaining this is going to be harder than I thought.

You were right in that the bubbles were to invoke something about memory but not exactly as in someone passing. More like “the memories of the distant past carrying into the future”. You were also right that the book was to refer to a plethora of information and in a way the story will involve a large span of time but not necessarily be long itself, but the symbolism of the feathers isn’t about passing time too through. The feathers are instead something connected to the main character.

To elaborate since this is probably confusing to you lol, the story is about this power called Craft which is passed down from generation to generation in various families across the world. With each generation the Craft is honed and more abilities are added to it. Most feel obligated to carry on the legacy of their Craft since its an important part of their family. On the other hand, there are mysterious items known as Craft Cards that allow individuals who were and were not born possessing these abilities to use the ones of past Craft users however they also contain the lingering memories and feelings of those people as well. This creates the risk of people using Craft Cards being overtaking by them and losing who they are.

This story is about time. It’s about embracing but not losing to it and being able to make your own path to the future.

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Yep, thought as much :joy:

Figured it was along those lines.

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Yeah, that was pretty good.


Taking in the background and the style of font, i’d say this is a high fantasy book inspired by some sort of ancient lore or anime. Perhaps the main character is a warrior and has to restore their fallen kingdom? Or they themselves have fallen and this is their restoration? Something along those lines is what I’m thinking.

Here’s mine!


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That’s um…not even close :joy:

The high fantasy is in check, but it is also epic and dark fantasy.

Warrior, I suppose you can say so.

But in the least someone would guess ‘Valkyrie’ which is even closer to a specific.

Restore a fallen kingdom: Well, that is part of it. Though given from the context of Valkyrie, you can guess that it is not their kingdom. Also guess that it is also based on norse mythology.

Given from the darker background, one can guess that there will be tragedy.

Given from the text provided, one can guess that it involves morals

As for the name of title itself, I wouldn’t expect anyone to get this right, probably only 1 in every one thousand gets it correct.

Restoration typically means returning something to how it once was.

So this is where Critical Thinking is needed. Using the name title name, the specifics of the cover itself, the dark background, as well as the words provided.

One can roughly conclude that.

Through the endless nightmare, one who wishes to return to a certain time. Emotions clash, morality tested, and even more so than that, a past that eternally haunts.

Now everything else, I wouldn’t expect someone to get it, anything deeper is around one in a thousand, which you’d need to see the other two book covers to identify the story accurately.


This is typically what one can guess accurately without any further information.

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I think it’s a mystery thriller? Probably a book wherein the character’s friend(s) die around/in the lake.



I’m guessing it’s about a love triangle that’s formed after somebody’s ex mistakenly texts… somebody else? Like, maybe the girl’s ex-boyfriend accidentally texts her current boyfriend, so they form a friendship? And then she finds out and the ex tries to redeem himself with the help of the current boyfriend?

My cover sucks because I made it myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But here goes nothing!


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I’m getting a coming-of-age vibe from the title and the colors. Maybe a Young Adult romance involving metaphors of the universe and a deep kind of love? All I know is that you’ve used Jessica Brown Findlay as the model, and I love her! Haha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

sorceress three


I’d say totally a fantasy book with a woman who discovers a prophecy about herself, she is the ‘Sorceress three’ and all the pains she has endured will become her strenght to maybe save the world (or a world!) :smile:

Here’s mine:


It’s set in an alternate version of the future, where love or maybe love interests are determined by an algorithm? And (I’m also guessing the protagonist is female) she might be either accidentally paired with someone who’s almost the opposite of her, or the algorithm does give her someone who’s perfect but she actually wants someone else…? Love Bug seems like it could refer to a bug in an algorithm (based off the cover) as well as a nickname for someone’s love interest. Romance, with elements of sci-fi, mild sarcasm?

Here’s mine:

Annotation 2019-10-17 211020


You’re totally right! It’s the cover for my YA lesbian retelling of Romeo and Juliet (with vampires and werewolves :laughing:).

I know somebody already replied to your cover, but I just wanted to say I love it!

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Oh there’s so many things going on here. The stance of the characters leads me to think that there is a conflict between a strong female and a male that downplays what she has to say, whereas the lasers give it a techno-triller / james bond / mission impossible kind of feel. The title itself makes me think of the Masking Effect in psychology involving distracting the cognitive processes of the mind with a brief flash of something before issuing the actual test, in order to interfere with the memory. ( But I know that’s not common.)



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Hey @BksbyBkr, how’s your day going?

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Good! And you?

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I’m doing good as well, thanks!

I’m sooo sorry if this is way off! Is it about a demon bakery? All sorts of demons come to this bakery which the Devil owns (I’m guessing the Devil is involved because your cover says the devil series jhjhgjhgj). I see blood has been spilled so i’m also guessing there’s some competition. Gosh, i’m sorry if this was horrible. T^T

here goes mine :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 7.29.22 PM

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Your description was more indepth than mine – I would have said paranormal or supernatural genre.

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