Trying to get back into extensive cover making



Hey, welcome to another thread of mine! This time, I want to try and make more covers in order to pick up my pace and not let my improvement go to waste.

Now, if you want to request, follow these rules:

  1. No thread/shop hopping, unless you have a valid reason
  2. Be nice and patient
  3. Complete payment within a reasonable time
  4. Please use your graphic for at least a month and credit me
  5. Pick your graphic up within a week or I’ll turn it into a premade
  6. The password is Jaiyana. Please include it in your form.

I’ll take ten requests at a time per batch. If a batch is full, you’ll be placed on the next one.

Payment: Based on how difficult your request is, it consists of a permanent follow and one or more 5+ lined comments on the assigned story.

Covers will be delivered on Jaiyana’s Cover Vault on @Jaiyanakeenum37.

Here is the form:

Cover type:
Author name (NO USERNAMES):
Anything else:

Do NOT put usernames as your author name or I might deny your request.


Here are some recent examples of mine:



WARNING: before you accuse me of stealing, I have several alternate accounts, so this is why you might’ve seen these somewhere else.


can i get a cover?


Yes, you can. Just fill in the form.


I love the cover for “The Love Between Us”… it’s just perfect :heart_eyes:
Can you tell me the name of the font you were using for this one and for “Braverly”, please??


I used Hearth Stone for Braverly and Jaceline for The Love Between Us. Hope this is helpful!


yes thank you!


what program are you working with and did you download the fonts?


I already find them, thank you


title: a kiss a day keeps the heartbreak away
author: alyssathewoe
subtitle: none
summary: it’s all in the title
mood/colors: black and pink
ideas: it’s kinda simple not too flashy
pictures (at least 2): image


Your request is accepted. Please complete the payment of a permanent follow and leave a 5+ lined comment on Chapter 1 of Project Life on @leighyeann.

Thank you for requesting.


i did it? i also have a question on how long you think it will take to make a cover. just asking.


Since yours is a simple cover, it’ll take me little. Thx for asking. It’ll come up within the next hour at most.


Here is your cover. I made four different versions. You can check them here. If you choose one, I’ll post a DeviantArt link here.


I like the first one but could you make the font a brighter pink. to make the color as close to the heart as you can?


Here is the redo: A Kiss a Day Keeps the Heartbreak Away


i like it, thank you and what do i tag you in?


title: love fucking hurts, doesn’t it?
author: morgan alyssa
subtitle: none
summary: •M A Y•
she doesn’t know what to do with herself. she wants to find love, but it has hurt her too much. what will she do when she finds someone to love. but they don’t love her back. i guess love fucking hurts, doesn’t it?
•K A D E•
he’s been broken way too many times. he doesn’t believe in love anymore. what happens when someone who is broken too, wants to love him? he tells her that love fucking hurts, doesn’t it?
mood/colors: black and red
ideas: a bold font in whatever you think suits the cover best
pictures (at least 2):7016bbd2432e60cbee917152f4c8c5b9


Either credit by @hatefuls33 or @Jaiyanakeenum37


Accepted for this one too. This time, comment on two chapters of Pricky Pallies on @leighyeann.