Trying to get back into extensive cover making


Let me check, please. I haven’t received the notifications yet.

EDIT: thx for completing payment.

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Here is your cover. You can see it here

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something that looks at little less friendly for the font, please and thank you

Okay. I’m working on the redo.

Here is the redo: Love Fucking Hurts, Doesn’t It?

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i was busy but i like this one thank you

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title: prom
author: morgan alyssa
subtitle: none
summary: no summary
mood/colors: pastel colors
ideas: each letter in the title and the author name a different color
pictures (at least 2):fa095a4e6e4bd808a4fe7015d5cf1c20%20(1)

Accepted. This time, please comment on Chapters 1-2 of Teen Idle on @leighyeann.

i did it

Good. Working on it.

Here is your cover. @alyssathewoe

actually do you mind doing three different colors since there are three different main characters bout i’m 100% fine with everything else

Three? Why?

it’s complicated. you’d have to read the story to understand

So, do I have to use three colors only? I used four for the title

wait, i lied, i love it. my brightness was in night mode so like the screen changes colors but now i see it clearly now and i love it. nevermind you don’t to change a thing. thank you.

Okay, thx for informing me.

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