Trying to get back into extensive cover making





Let me check, please. I haven’t received the notifications yet.

EDIT: thx for completing payment.


Here is your cover. You can see it here


something that looks at little less friendly for the font, please and thank you


Okay. I’m working on the redo.


Here is the redo: Love Fucking Hurts, Doesn’t It?


i was busy but i like this one thank you


title: prom
author: morgan alyssa
subtitle: none
summary: no summary
mood/colors: pastel colors
ideas: each letter in the title and the author name a different color
pictures (at least 2):fa095a4e6e4bd808a4fe7015d5cf1c20%20(1)


Accepted. This time, please comment on Chapters 1-2 of Teen Idle on @leighyeann.


i did it


Good. Working on it.


Here is your cover. @alyssathewoe


actually do you mind doing three different colors since there are three different main characters bout i’m 100% fine with everything else


Three? Why?


it’s complicated. you’d have to read the story to understand


So, do I have to use three colors only? I used four for the title


wait, i lied, i love it. my brightness was in night mode so like the screen changes colors but now i see it clearly now and i love it. nevermind you don’t to change a thing. thank you.


Okay, thx for informing me.