TSSOPWWTRAALITW | v.4 on the new threads but like 80ish on the old ones apparently? personally i don't remember it being that high but hey if it gets us more clout then i'm all for it ALSO cheesecake is the most uwu person~~ bee's really good at piano :00


Hello! Welcome to The Secret Society of People Who Want to Run Away and Live in The Woods. We're an old and weird chat thread that would love to meet you, so come on in! All hail the queen of the woods, @Hemophile. Also, thanks to @Ariador for indirectly teaching me how to code.

Completely Broken Link to Previous Thread

The Kingdom of Malus.
The Secret Society of People Who Want to Run Away and Live in the Woods | v.3 on these new threads | le 78-81th edition when counting with old thread length and since original founding
BDaD 291: No Subversive Activity Here - IT'S FROM JAPAAAAAAAAAAN - (The Tour Is Currently In: Orlando)












Sorry Rish eue


This thread’s title, i can’t believe how long it is :joy:


Wait what how did that :open_mouth:


I’ll teach you to code.


You just gotta love it for what it is<3


teach me

also how do i sub to the thread


Yes, it’s original

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even longer now lol


That’s some quality coding there. XD


Huh, there must be people who love long titles like that


but advanced coding doesn’t work here, right?




oh there are

it’s basically just really obnoxious clickbait


Hi, I’m new to the forums. I just set everything up and wanted to say hello!

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