TSSOPWWTRAALITW | v.4 on the new threads but like 80ish on the old ones apparently? personally i don't remember it being that high but hey if it gets us more clout then i'm all for it ALSO cheesecake is the most uwu person~~ bee's really good at piano :00


Yeah, it does. I have you and the others though :slight_smile:


you heard me.


mhm! uwu

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YOU’RE the fucker here.


no u.

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Don’t turn this on me! I heard what happened, from Terry.

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my brother ac was on this morning, and his room was freezing.
the cold air felt so good after my shower.


so did i.

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…wait, what happened?




you’ve got to be kidding me.


that’s it. that’s the whole story.


my bad. i meant to spell it as wait and not waif. oof.




i didn’t mean it.


rish, there are things that some people hold close. even if you didn’t mean it, you shouldn’t say anything.

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i didn’t mean to make her leave.


i know. but there are some things that push people, even if it’s not much.
like with me. it seems ridiculous, but when people bring up my track record when it comes to relationships, it fucking pisses me off.




you need to talk to her.