TSSOPWWTRAALITW | v.4 on the new threads but like 80ish on the old ones apparently? personally i don't remember it being that high but hey if it gets us more clout then i'm all for it ALSO cheesecake is the most uwu person~~ bee's really good at piano :00


not really.
can you sleep now?

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I hope you feel better soon ouo lele is s t r o n k cx

no, I’m still in the store


i’m s t r o n k!
well, you can sleep when you get home, right?

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prolly. but I’d stay up anyway


if you’re tired, you should sleep. take a nap.

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thread ded.




hi! what’s up?


nothig. just drawing. what’s u up to?


in physics class. nothing much, really.


physics? huh. thats cool. what grade are you in?


i’m a junior. what about you? still in school?

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yeah,actually im in 8th grade. you live in the states?




oooohhhh mmmeee toooo!!! im all the way up in northern washington, near the canadian border. wby?


i’m in new york. all the way on the other side. :joy:


aw crap. allright. whats’ neew yourk like? do you live iin the city or up state?


i live near the city, yeah. it’s pretty nice. really pretty.


ibet. ive allways wanted to go there. it seems so pretty and chaotic. but i like that. seattle is sorta like that, but it’s got no glam like new york


if you know what i mean