TSSOPWWTRAALITW | v.4 on the new threads but like 80ish on the old ones apparently? personally i don't remember it being that high but hey if it gets us more clout then i'm all for it ALSO cheesecake is the most uwu person~~ bee's really good at piano :00


@MaxFreedman- Where you fly to? Me gotta fly home… the library is closing and the bus is running late… it’s so dark out… I get a bit scared o.o




I love horses especially the wild ones. I even got to ride a horse once.
giddy up :grin:


Evyyyy :hugs:

I found my Nanpa :heart::heart:

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i didn’t want to die :sob:
i was happy, behind her.


no. it’s new.



yeah, engineering. ideally aerospace-related.


yeah? you like riding, bee?

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i want to own a horse but the chances are minimal. :joy:


what’s nanpa?

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ily :sweat_drops:

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ilyt no homo tho


<3 :heart::two_hearts::heavy_heart_exclamation::heart_eyes::hearts::black_heart::blue_heart::bluehearts::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::yellow_heart::wheart:


wow, watty is being so generous


-le gasps- RORO


YOU DO WATCH IT OML XD I was just saying that to catch you off guard and I didn’t realise you would admit it O.O


is the opening that song I sent? v.v


they always hand out attendance sheet :joy: im actually usually the one who proactively tell ppl to start writing attendance if the lecturer is late o.o


what is a nanpa o.o?

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