TSSOPWWTRAALITW | v.4 on the new threads but like 80ish on the old ones apparently? personally i don't remember it being that high but hey if it gets us more clout then i'm all for it ALSO cheesecake is the most uwu person in the whole wide world


it has a quality plot ;u; AND THE OPENING IS A BANGER


so i’m new to this lecture thing but do they really hafta hand this attendance sheet around a 200+ lecture hall ksjkss


signed it owo


it’s been a long time, max. hi!


rishy my boiii


w a l l a b y


d i d g e r i d o o


i n d i a n r h i n o c e r o s


Anyone seen my Nanpa?

Searching for nanpa… nanpa…yoohooo. :woman_white_haired:


what’s up?

also. you have an alt account?


hiiii bee!


Risky. Why are you in the woods? :deciduous_tree::palm_tree::evergreen_tree:


i am your nanpa :0


i have like a three hour break between classes so ksjsjsjs you?

yes i do owo


NANPA!!! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


want nanpa to tell you a story, lil bean? uwu


Yes yes… me want to hear o.o


i’ve always been in the woods, brie :kissing_heart:


i’ve got two hours until i leave for school. i was studying for a bit, now i’m on a break.

what’s it for?


Rishy… what’s your favourite flower? :hushed: