tssopwwtraalitw v.

Can you get pizza? ouo

Why not? T^T

This looks weird, and kinda derpy.


I like it cx that’s my handwriting on paper with no lines xD

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Oh, same… that’s what happens when I write with my eyes closed.


You do that? xD why

My eyes get tired, or I sees zebra.

Zebra :0

Totally want to run away and live in the woods, sadly i have to many obligations at this point in my life and my daughter nor spouse would do well in extreme isolation
guess it’s suburb life for me :I

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Just finished cooking pasta with broccoli and chicken :slight_smile:

@astarius hi! What’s up?

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Oooh nice nice

Aw yeah. It’s a nice thought though, I suppose.

Hullo there! Welcome!

Not just a thought i did it for about half a year before i met my spouse :smiley:
but winter was coming so…had to go back to civilisation : /

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hello! thank you for the welcoming :smiley:

Yeah, it’s my go-to brunch that I make b4 I leave for my classes. :slight_smile:

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Oooh, wow. That’s so interesting

You actually went out into the woods? o.o

Meow is hunter.

Oooh, nice! That sounds so good

Oh trust me it’s not when your out there, just about living and hunting and waiting
But man is it peacful

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