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Yeah i went into a forest preserve on a mountain for about half a year, just got to fed up with people and noise and bills
with the exception of my wifes pregnancy and birth of my daughter it was easily the best time ive ever had-even though i still dont have feeling in my big toe :I

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Ah, I see.

Forgot this existed for a hot minute.

Oh wow o.o must’ve been a pretty rough time

How could you Jojo T^T

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At last i found my kind of a thread!


You were lead to be here uwu welcome

yeah it was rougher before i left for the woods though, it really is the most peaceful and stressful experience of my life and i’d honestly recommend it to anyone that has more then 20 miles of woods off hand and some experience surviving
it was a hard reboot for me :smiley:

Thank youuu! So what’s up?^•^

Lol just telling it like it is :wink:



Honesty can wound one sometimes yknow xD

@Stewpidley didja live in a tent and all that? o.o

@make_a_wish071 not much. Just sitting here, thinking of what i should be doing xD wbu?

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Same haha except I am wondering what I should write in the next chapter of my story

no not a tent i dug out a primitive pit into the clay dirt of a nearby steams cliff and constructed a bit of a lean to around it after filling the hole with some rocks so the floor wouldnt get damp, was the most beautiful cyan blue ive ever seen in my life
this was in arizonia if i was in my native alaska i would have had to go about it differently

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Aw! That’s amazing! I find that being out in nature helps to clear my mind and energize me after a hard day of classes.

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Hello! :slight_smile:

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The only thing i would have changed was i would go into town to tell my family im still alive, they didnt have fun with that period of my life im guessing XD

Well, I’m going back to bed. See you soon you guys! :slight_smile: hoping to get some sleep. That is, if my cat, Toven, doesnt scratch on the door, first. XD