tssopwwtraalitw vi. where you’ll have cheesecake and honey on the same platter. also, fill out the form and receive free personal motivational speeches by max :bluehearts:

*questions in Swahili*

asks in Russian

*replies in Spanish*

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Cool + Ariador

With longer nails with a perfect matte shade, you’ll rock

Sounds like Ariadrool.

I don’t like makeup, it’s expensive.

Ariador Ariadrools when he sees Zac

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I don’t drool after anything.

Except science.

Are you in India or France? :face_with_monocle:

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Jasperrrrr… Lookie. I have baby dragon :grin::relieved:

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Oh, science?
brings Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla

*pokes the baby dragon*