Turn your character into a video game character

Some characters would just be great to play in a video game. Be it humorous spells that lead them to defeating their enemies in UNO to epic combat skills some characters have abilities it would be great to play through and interact with.

Choose a character of yours that has a distinct range of abilities that would transform them into a dynamic video game character to play. For example I will use my bard/ guinea pig, Amos.

Name: Amos


-Can stun other players with ‘Lyrical Tune’ for ten seconds

-Can play music that sounds like leaves, disguising his presence. Why would someone bother to look at those innocent ‘Leaf Noises’?


Feel free to muse (in a civil manner) on which of your characters could take others down and how their abilities would work on each other. Be creative and have fun!

Name: Ella Hall


Name Michael Warranty

Flower manipulation, can alter flowers to his liking; change their original size, exploit their abilities, etc.
Bug friends, can control bugs

Name: Dylan

Fast feet, can move in a high speed of an average human.
Gun’s Night Out, specialize in gun shooting
Rock Arms, can do hand-to-hand combat

Name: Madeleine Caster

The Cosplayer: can change appearance to fool enemy
Split Personality, can fool enemy if Leonardo commands her to and does different types of damage
Bullseye, can shoot at a very long range in exchange for bad hand-to-hand combat
Sharp Eyes, can do critical damage to enemy if done a perfect combo


Raiju, the thunder kitsune

Human form: can swing his electric guitar as a weapon. When pump with adrenalizing electricity, he can swing it more and faster. If he charges it by playing it, he can launch a powerful beam from it to shock an enemy.

The guitar is also an electric, shapeshifting cat named Little R. Raiju can have Little R help him with fights by distracting and attacking enemies. Raiju himself will use electricity within his body to enhance his bare-handed attacks.

Fox form: Raiju can move around faster and sneak around. He can also shout an electric projectile to stun enemies or just be nearby and burst out with an electric aura to do it. If on the run, he can simply run fast and tackle people.

From more experience, he can learn more abilities and combative skills.