Turtle Gang 2.0

The Turtle Gang is back! After the loss of their creator, Thirteen, the Turtle Gang crumbled to pieces… but new starts are always good. If I forgot to tag anyone, I’m terribly sorry and I will fix it immediately!

~Shadow :stars:

:turtle: Members -

@thirteenways2die (distant crying)

Removed some people because they weren’t active.

Viva la Turtle Gang! :turtle:

Viva la Turtle Gang!

As the honorary leader (from way back when) I hereby declare this thread officiated and open!

Signed, Azure

Can I be the vice leader?

Yeah, considering that basically everyone has forgotten besides us

Lol coolio

As the co-leader, I hereby declare this thread officiated and open! Not that it matters, no one’s alive.

Whew, my heart stopped for a moment because my mother and I heard the city hall sound three times >~< Hopefully it doesn’t mean anything other than the storm increasing in signal! (Ahhhh storms, it’s still strange that it isn’t raining when we’re in signal number two??? At least according to my mom)


Lol sorry, I had to go for a while. Anyway…

Welcome back!

Hey, sorry for making this all about me, but which title do you think is best:

Pain and Sedulity
Pain and Agony
Pain and Torment
Rivers of Red (kind of cliche, I know)

It’s alright :stuck_out_tongue:

And Pain and Agony has a nice ring to it!

Ah, thanks. I’m really looking forward to get deep into it, but I’m only on the first chapter. Do you think ‘I had never been one to back down from a fight’ is an interesting first line?

It is! :smiley:

Thank you bows
So whatcha up to?

Working on the next chapter of Mirror, Mirror :stuck_out_tongue: Currently trying to add as much tension as possible in this fun game of rice ball roulette in which one of the rice balls has poisoned wasabi and if you eat you die! Boom, fun for the whole family :wink:

Sounds like something I would play. It’s a win-win, after all - I take the non-poisoned one, cool, free rice ball. Poisoned one? I die. Boom. No losing.

And I feel bad I haven’t caught up on it recently… I will, I promise :sweat_smile:

:smiley: It’s alright, we all read at our own pace! I’m glad you’re reading it, hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do writing and planning it!

The story is really interesting, after all, and I’m glad you enjoy writing and planning it. Writing should always be a fun activity, not a chore.

If you’re looking for a story to read, I’d highly recommend ‘He’s Probably Gonna Spit in My Drink’ (https://www.wattpad.com/story/151164848-he’s-probably-gonna-spit-in-my-drink) by @DeliaMaguire6. I know this is totally random and unrelated, it’s just that I just finished reading it and I
want to squeal about it, it’s so cute! :heart_eyes:

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Haha! I’ll be sure to check it out! I’m always in the mood for cute stories :3

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Hey, change all the vowels in your username to ‘oob’. Mine is ‘shoobdoobwsoobttloob’.