Turtle Gang 2.0



Hey, that reminds me, did you join NaNoWriMo? I assume you didn’t since I didn’t see u on the threads but idk I might be wrong


Nope, I didn’t, did you?


Here am I, being busy at school and here internet.


Lol, good luck with school XD


That’s great ^^ What’s making it so great?


@AzureMercury Is dipping fries in ice cream really a thing in the Philippines? Or is it just you?


I’ve never even heard of that XD


Scroll up. You’ll see it.


I should ask my friend that XD


It’s a thing here




I am too


Azure is here


In the darkness, Azure sits alone. She is tired and worn. The days have ended where she would disappear due to schooling reasons. Instead, she fears that the Turtle Gang has long since disbanded. The thread has gone silent and all hope seems lost. And so, she begins to focus on writing. Some day, she hopes that when she calls out a greeting, the greeting will echo back.


And at last she hears an echo…




What’s up ^^? How’s life been?


Hey? Anyone? @AzureMercury @AceActsProductions


What’s up?


Not much, just feeling very pissed. Hbu?