Tutorial for Trust Levels

Hey I will try to explain every feature you are able to do once you reach a specific trust level.

Source and an explanation how you reach a specific trust level

A list of Mods you can find here


Trust level 0

At this trust levels you are not able to do anything except writing a reply.
This was done, because of the huge amount of spam bots days ago


Trust level 1 (basic user)

1. Flagging:

If you see someone that advertise a product you should flag him/her, because it is against the Terms of Service.

Please also use this tool to flag replies that are against any Club Guidelines.

Also you should flag someone that sends a link of a website that you think could have a trojaner or maleware.

Step 1:

Step 2:

(Here please pick one of the reason why you flag him/her/it)

New explanation by @xkaydotx you can find here:
Flags 🏳 and How to Use Them 🤓

2. Creating a new thread:

This one should be one of the easist feature you are able to do.

Step 1:

Go to the option “new” and click on the button “New Topic”

Step 2:

Here you can write the title of the new thread, choose the place where it should be and also choose the tags you want.
You can always change the category of your thread.
If you want to make a new one just tag a
Mod and request that the old one is closed and he/she will do it for you.
(If you choose the wrong category and don’t change it yourself a Mod will place it for you in the right one)

3. Sending links:

Just copy paste a link from an youtube video or something similar.
(You are only allowed to post links to your books in the #share-your-story thread)

4. Posting a picture:

Step 1:

When you post a reply there is this small symbol you can choose. Click it, when you want to add a picture.

Step 2:

Choose the source where you want to take the picture from

Step 3:

Now you can choose the picture you want to send.


Trust level 2 (member)

1. Editing a wiki:

When a regular makes a reply a wiki you can edit it.
Keep in mind that the person, which comment you edited can always see who added it.

If you want to try it out. In the reply under this you can do it


This is a wiki

Just add your name (with @) here


Trust level 3 (regular)

1. Adding a wiki:

Step 1:

Choose the three points

Step 2:

Now choose this symbol

Step 3:

Now click on the “Make wiki” and then everyone with at least trust level member can edit your reply.
(I say it again. You as the maker of the wiki can always see who edited it)

2. Adding a tag for a thread:

Step 1:

Go to the first post and click on the symbol to edit it. Then click one time into the box, where you can add tags

Step 2:

Now type in the tag you want to add. If the tag doesn’t exist, just click on “create: …”


Please don’t overuse this feature!!! Only create a tag you really need and you think someone else also needs.

3. More powerful flag:

If you flag a spam from a TL0 user the flagged post will automatically disappear for all other users.
(Screenshot will be added in the future)


Trust level 4 (leader)

This is a trust level only for some Mods and people working at HQ to achieve.
If you have this trust level or are a Mod @xkaydotx has made some threads in your private area describing everything you need to know.


The Guide you can find here A guide to the new threads




I didn’t even realize what trust level I was at, haha. Thank you this was helpful. Hope you become a mod someday!

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Thank you so much! I am very new here, and I didn’t understand any of this stuff. Thanks again for clearing it up.

back to studying :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m sorry, I thought I was adding it to the guideline above! :joy: Sorry about that! Just trying to figure things out. Apologies.

no problem. You are still TL0 so that means you have to wait for some minutes until you are able to do post links, picture…

As mentioned above you need TL2 to post in a wiki, so it will take some days before you can add your name into the wiki

That’s totally fine - it just said above about trying it out or something so I was trying to do that. :joy: :woman_facepalming: New to the community thing because normally I use the app and I had no idea this even existed!

Ok. If you have any questions just ask here or there ‘Ask the Ambassadors Anything

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Dumb question - where do you see what trust level you’re at? I can’t seem to find that?