TVD Fans????

Okay, where are my Vampire Diaries (including The Originals and Legacies) fans at?? I know there are fans out there but I’ve hardly seen anyone talk about it on here! Read it? Write for it? In the middle of watching it? Rewatching it??? Let’s get to know each other and go crazy over this amazing fandom.

Well, for those in the middle of watching it, be cautious of spoilers that may pop up.


I used to fangirl Vampire Diaries for years and loved The Originals until the last season. Following Legacies now. Not impressed.

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I haven’t gotten the chance to watch Legacies at all. I want to watch it for the sake of possible guest appearances and the references.

There’s one this far, and it’s a heartbreaking one.

oh shiz. now I have to watch it. how far into the season are they?

7 episodes, and it is paused atm.

I watched every episode of TVD and most of The Originals. I didn’t really like the last season though and it was hard to finish. Haven’t been able to see Legacies yet. I’ve heard it doesn’t live up to TVD expectations, but I don’t think any spin off would be as good. Die hard Damon fan. Still follow Ian on instagram and waiting to see him at a Con if he will ever come around here.


TVD will always be my fav and same with Damon.


I’ve to start with s7 of TVD and I’m loving it so far :smiley: After TVD, I’ll be watching The Originals, because Klaus, Rebekkah and Elijah have made a special place in my heart(mostly Klaus :joy:) And I want to watch Legacies too because Alaric :smiley:

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I’m in love with Nina Dobrev and naturally, Elena Gilbert and all her doppelgangers.

Got bored with The Originals after a few episodes and didn’t even give Legacies a go (didn’t even realize it was a thing until now, TBH) I didn’t even watch one TVD season because of… reasons that those who have completed the series know about lol

I’m rewatching it now though, for Delena <3



No, S7 :grimacing:

yeah that one was a bit weird. Everything after S6 got strange and such. My favorite seasons were S2 and S3 because that’s when a lot of the intense stuff started and the introduction of the Mikaelsons. I just didn’t like the ending of S3 for reasons who’ve seen it know about :joy:

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loved TVD until season 6, i think we can all agree it went down a lot… I mean in my opinion from season 4 it had ups and downs…

Loved the originals, haven’t watched the last season but im really looking formward to it :ok_woman:

I dont know if i should watch legacies…

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Aw why!! The ending of S3 was what I had been looking forward to!

just to make sure before I say anything, you watched the whole show, right?

ya la vi y estoy muriendo por que netflix la saco :lloro:

El programa no está en netflix para tí?

Yep! There’s nothing you can spoil for me!

okay good. I know you said so before but I just had to triple check.

So the reason why I don’t like the ending of S3 is that it was very predictable and honestly everyone was turning into vampires at that point. I haven’t read the books and I think she ended up being a vampire there as well, but I just wish she could have been human for a lot longer.