TVD Fans????

Hi, New to this post but i just had to reply i love TVD watched it like 9 times over and over and just cant get enough!!

I think it was kinda obvious where it was going to go and if they waited any longer, it would have been like HIMYM - excessively long and pointless (although enjoyable, nonetheless).

Welcome! It really is a good show. What’s your favorite season and episode?



that’s true. But they did good with helping her transition into the person she’s is now

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Past season 6, it goes downhill FAST

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thank god they made the originals tho

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OMG I agree


hahahha i like you xD

Whew I like you and your mind

im just glad they made TO, because the original fam was really interesting and they deserved to get more screen time to develop their own stories. Specially since they’ve been around since a thousand years ago. THAT SO MUCH LORE and it’s so great to create fanfics. There’s so much unexcplored

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exactly! they have a whole new story of their own. I’m glad that they made a whole show for Klaus he deserves!

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i did a fic about them, from before they were vampires, it’s just such a fun bunch of characters to work with. It allows you to really go crazy (within logic, obviously xD) but yeah, fun fun

give meee. I want to read it

the originals was so GOOD


will do love xx

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There are so many to choose from but will defiantly say season 5x11 where Klaus and Caroline do the naughty deed lol :see_no_evil:

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Big Claus/Klaroline shipper here.

Anyone else hated Stefan as much as I did? That tortured pretentious moody bag of mush?


LOL! Yes and dont get me started on Matt the oh so sorry for being the only human.