Twitter is the worst.

Seriously. All the transphobia. The homophobia. The sexism and racism. And there’s no use in arguing with people who exhibit this behaviour because this is how they see things and they obstinately refuse to have an open mind. And if you share your opinion they’ll just jump out of nowhere and drag you for it.

That’s it. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.

Oof, never used Twitter.

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Good. Stay away. Stay far away!! It’s so full of toxic people.

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This is the only social media site I’m present on XD

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Twitter can be really bad, but it’s specific parts that you go to. It’s also the same with any other social media: Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, etc. But that’s why I tend to avoid those areas—I look for positive and open minded people to find in my newsfeed and well, that’s who I’ll usually see. There’s a lot of writers and readers on Twitter who are open minded and very kind. When you’re around that side of the neighborhood, you’ll tend to see more positive things than negative ones. :woman_shrugging:

Meh, people are bad. Can’t blame the website for what peeps post there. Even if they don’t post those things, the thoughts still exist

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