Two Book Clubs Needing Members!

Whiskey & Writing and Coffee & Books are two clubs needing members!

Whiskey & Writing is a General Fiction club that functions a little bit differently than regular clubs. Instead of being partnered with a new member each week and never having anyone read more than your first three chapters, this club has all members read your book as you are featured! Three books are featured each week, and two chapters of each book are read by every member!

Every four weeks there is a Book of the Month where one outstanding member will be featured and three chapters of their book will be read! It’s a tight-knit community that gives excellent feedback, and we are looking for more people to join us.

The accepted genres are general fiction, including historical fiction, teen fiction, young/new adult, contemporary fiction. Basically things that could happen in real life!

Coffee & Books is a longer running club that also needs members.

This is a partnership style book club, where you will be partnered with someone for the whole time until you’ve finished each others books. It’s go at your own pace, so you and your partner agree upon an acceptable amount of chapters read per week. Many members go on to read second or even third books with their partners!

Recently numbers have dwindled or people have finished their partners books, and we are looking for more like minded individuals who will commit to the club. Almost all genres accepted.

I’ve been looking for a book club, but I haven’t really found a good match yet. I even tried starting my own, but got no responses to my post so I’ve put that aside for now.

I’ll check out Coffee & Books. How is the partnering arranged?

Edit to add: I see you include works that are still in first draft. That’s not really what I’m looking for. Best of luck anyway.

Yeah, my clubs are open to all members, as Wattpad is a growth platform and most people only publish their first drafts here in order to protect their edited works!

Hope you find what you’re looking for!

No worries. I hadn’t heard the idea that the edited versions had to be kept in reserve. Something to think about.

If you are going down the publishing route, many companies do not like if ANY version of your work has been on a platform like Wattpad, so I have heard!

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