Types of emotion eaters?

I’m trying to think of mythical creatures I could use in my book that do/could be changed to feed on emotions. Right now I have klaons (clowns) that feed on joy, succubi that feed on attraction and affection, and ghouls that feed on fear. Any ideas?

I want to use a green eyed monster for greed, but I want to come up with a more legit sounding name than “green eyed monster.”

For your greed feeding monster a name referring to Midas or aplistía (greek for greed) might be a place to start. Jealousy and envy are also powerful emotions.

One of the better creepypastas I ever read was about memory vampires. Basically whenever you enter a room and forget why you went there? Horrible monster basically drained the thought from your brain as well as other memories, including the memory of this nightmarish thing attacking you.

Honestly there’s a lot of room for creativity there. If you want better names for stuff maybe try a word generator? Some let you feed in words (green, eyes, monster, etc.) and they’ll scramble them into other cool sounding words.

I’ve got plans to use Midas elsewhere, so I’d rather not use that here.

You could use a Medusa type monster that feeds on hatred.

For the jealousy monster, you could go a Shakespeare route because I’m pretty sure it was his character Iago that first mentioned a “green-eyed monster.”

Why don’t you just make up your own name?

Because the others are all based on real mythical creatures. Even “klaon” is just a play of the word “clown.” It would be weird to have klaons, succubi, ghouls, and… I don’t know, flibber jibbers.


Ahh okay, so you want to warp a “real” mythological creature’s abilities?

I already did that for succubi. They’re not sex demons here, they just feed off people’s feelings of attraction and affection, and ghouls feed on fear. That’s what I’m going for. Or if you can think of any real life thing that could be made into a magical emotion eating race, like clowns and laughter.


… what about it?

A more legit sounding name because it is legit. Btw, I notice you said you want to “come up” with a name and yet you don’t?

I’m just confused about how a bunyit ties in with greed. It’s a hippo monster that eats people.

I was picking more from the green side of mythology.

There are Uwabami. Yokai who are greed based green snakes.

Ones you could use:
Vamps. feed on something Love? I know you already have affection and stuff but you could use Vamps for something like that.
Gorgon. For the green monster. You know medusa? Yeah, she was one. And with the stories and everything, greed would really work for a gorgon.
Harpies. From Greek mythology. To feed on guilt. It would really work from the legends.
Chimaera. From Greek mythology again. To feed on curiosity. Again, part of the legends and who they are that links to this.

Seriously, just look up some monsters from mythology, take a quick look at their legends, and find something for them to feed on based on that.
Research, research… That’s all that’s needed. :blush:

Aswangs (I actually have one in my current story), they supposedly feed on children/pregnant woman - so I guess you could spin that so that they feed on naivety/innocence? I dunno if that’s too dark though lol