Types of magic methods in popular fiction. What does your story use?


Wands and spells (e.g. Harry Potter)

Magic is instant but you need a staff, wand or something to cast.

Body movement magic (e.g. Avatar, Korra)

Magic is instant, requires martial-arts like movements to cast.

Tutting (e.g. The Magicians, Dr Strange)

Magic is instant, requires complex finger movements to cast.

Symbols and Circles (e.g. Dr Strange, FairyTail, Fullmetal Alchemist)

Magic is instant, requires complex patterns (like a transmutation circle) to cast.

Ritual magic (e.g. AHS: Coven)

Requires long rituals and usually have non-instant effects.

Let me know if I’m missing any and let me know which you’re using!


Faerie Magic is multi-interface. Hand gestures, voice command, and diagrams as well.

Fox Craft is a variety of things.


The magic in one story I’m working on is all about the mind. You have to imagine things the way you want them for them to come to fruition (if that even makes sense).


I guess mine would be classified as spirit magic for the riders who are able to use it. The magic comes from the bond between rider and dragon.

There’s actually a few upcoming chapters of The White Rider that I’m going to world build this in, so looking forward to releasing those chapters. The most powerful form of magic is “Ascension” which is unique to the main character.


Pretty much all mental concentration in mine. Hand gestures unnecessary unless you want to reach into another world to retrieve something (and maybe throw it at someone). This does mean sorcerers can be a bit vulnerable when their minds are ‘elsewhere.’


I have different levels, starting from mental powers to use of hands, staffs and rituals :sweat_smile:


The magic in my story can be used in two ways. One uses detailed runes the magic is channeled through, while the other is instructive and imidiate, but less can be done with it.


You forgot:

Channeling, focus: requires only thought

Incantation, chanting: requires the spoken word or song.

Music: requires playing a musical instrument.

Components: requires a physical object to be expended or consumed. Includes blood magic.


In City of Bridges, most magic is ritualistic, with prayers and offerings made in return for divinely-granted effects. Anyone can do it, but only specialists are instructed in the rituals for more complicated, lasting or reliable results.

Then there are the odd sorts with a natural ability for magic. They are frowned on, to say the least!


In Daughters of Fate, the magic systems are diverse. Each has its own unique benefits and limitations.

Ritual Magic (used mostly by humans)
Faerie Magic (ONLY used by elves)
Ward Magic (used mostly by dwarfs)
Elemental Magic (used mostly by humans and elves)
Summoning Magic (used mostly by dwarfs)

No one can master them all. Master one and MAYBE be somewhat skilled in a secondary, but that’s it. I don’t like all powerful magic systems that can dominate a world.


My story has different types of beings, who possess different types of magic.

Magicians(Witches, warlocks, illusionists, and, to some extent, wights) use magic that comes directly from the environment. Illusionists often bend light, witches use concoctions etc. Witches and warlocks can only perform ritual magic. Depending on the complexity of the ritual, it can be instant or may even take a century.

Angels and demons do not use ritual magic. The energy comes from Aurvena(Light) or Kaeus(Dark).

Humans on the other hand, cannot perform magic. If they perform ritual magic, it may have side effects, ranging from diarrhoea to their insides liquefying. Psychics(there is only one per three centuries), dreammakers and healers, often use energy directly from their spiritual form. The spiritual form is a huge reserve of pure energy which is replenished over time. This kind of spiritual magic can be performed by those who can access their spiritual form.