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okay, hi, i’m writing a story that is set after the apocalypse. those that are left are in a underground bunker and were picked because of their skills. i was wondering, what are the top types of scientists that would be important for a post apocalypse situation? i assume biologists and maybe botanists. thats all i have for the moment and all suggestions are welcomed. thank you!


It’d make sense to have an epidemiologist

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thank you!


Also not a scientist but people who can rebuild or crafty people like engineers would be vital.


you would probably have some physicists and chemists too, maybe not as important but maybe to help with improving general quality of life, ensuring enough oxygen supply etc - also some geologists maybe to avoid disasters with tectonic activity?

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It would really depend on why they’re in the bunker. Did they end up there by chance or was it designed? If they just happened to end up in there then there might not be a lot for a scientist to do without the proper equipment. They might know some basic survival skills like how to purify water but most scientists are no Macgyver.

If someone designed the bunker ahead of time a decided what skills they would need and provided the equipment for them then it can really depend on the story. If you need the scientist to design an habitable bubble for people to live in then you’d need a kinds of scientist such chemists, biologists, ecologists. Or if they have to figure out a way to cure the zombie virus then you’re going to need Virologists and doctors and pharmacists.

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I think they’d need technicians not theoretical scientists. I’d go for an environmental engineer(sewage systems) who has hands on ability with plumbing. Maybe a nurse practitioner, one who as knowledge and experience with childbirth. I’d consider how they are going to get food and think an agronomist of some sort or if they are going to hunt, someone with hunting skills. Yes maybe a botanist for plant identification. But it might be better to have someone with local knowledge of edible plants instead of someone with a degree.


Epidemiologist, pathologist (if there’s a disease going around), surgeon for medical needs, and botanists I would say.

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Doctors and engineers of many types for sure, but aside from that you’d probably want a chemist or two (biochemist, environmental, organic, and inorganic), a pharmacologist (to make medicine), a plant biologist, and a geologist maybe? You also might want a physicist, but I think for the most part you’d be fine with a widespread variety of engineers and chemists since both those fields rely heavily on physics.

You should also be aware though that sometimes scientists can be useless without proper equipment, and in that case you might have to take a different approach (i.e. who has the best survival skills and how can we utilize it?).

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You should have a boss/manager of the bunker, a electrician/all-in-one repairman, maybe a communications specialist (if they expect survivors). Biologist as in plants and stuff right? Otherwise I don’t see much need. A medic/doctor. Also, a scout to go out the bunker for scavenging. If you are referring to zombie apocalypse, then a weapons specialist is absolutely mandatory for a planned bunker, lol.

Also, having everything in the bunker might make it seem contrived, maybe one of the scientists (like the medic) could be a fake who was just paranoid of zombie apocalypse and wanted to live in a bunker for free lol.

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I’d say physicists, chemists, biologists, surgeons/nurses, engineers/electricians, computational scientists and geologists - that depends on the kind of disaster that happened - and maybe even psychologists if you have to deal with people :sweat_smile:

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