Typing on something other than Wattpad?

Hey guys! I am just curious about where you guys keep all your info and notes on your story, as well as your initial drafts and stuff. I’m sure a lot of people, maybe most, use wattpad only for their stories, but is there anyone that uses another word document program to write then port it over to Wattpad? Or do you keep all your notes somewhere else and use it for reference for typing on Wattpad?
I ask because I don’t keep my original chapters on Wattpad, I write in google docs, including my outline, character descriptions, world physics, settings, and such. Then after reviewing a completed chapter a couple of times, then I copy it to wattpad.
Anyone else?

I use Scrivener and I adore it!


I’ve been using google docs but normally I have a writing program like Microsoft Word or LibreOffice on my laptop. My internet isn’t reliable when it comes to writing, I’ve lost stuff and don’t normally use the internet if I can help it.

I never type my stories right on Wattpad. It’s always good to have a backup option, and to have a copy always backed up just in case all hell breaks loose. I type it up on Google Docs or Dropbox, then transfer it. I just find it safer that way. I’ve heard so many horror stories about people losing their chapters so I don’t want that to happen to me


I used to be super paranoid about losing my work when I used openoffice to type a couple years back, i literally copied my story onto 6 different flash drives in case that happened lol.

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Another question, do you guys split your story up into different files? Like one file is chapter 1-10 and another is 11-20. Or am I the only crazy one?

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I write everything on google docs or Microsoft word, then once I am ready to post it on Wattpad, I paste it into the Wattpad text box. I also regularly make backups of all my stories, because you never know what might happen (and trust me, it’s devastating when you lose all your hard work! :see_no_evil:)

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To be honest, I think that the younger people (and I don’t mean that to be hurtful but the demographics of this site is young-orientated) tend to use only Wattpad to write their stories. I thought this was, risky. I only copy paste here and to other writing sites but I keep my documents on either Word, Google Docs, One Drive or all three. I used to have all of my stories on a flash drive but then it became corrupted and I lost over half of my stash. Lesson learned and I make sure I have backups galore.


Never have, never will write anything directly in wattpad. I would use microsoft word or something but I have a chromebook which doesn’t allow it, so I use gdocs. I cannot imagine actually writing in wattpad

Sure. gdocs lets you skip to different chapters, but I do it just so it doesn’t lag

Yeah I’ve heard of stories being randomly deleted off Wattpad with no explanation. Not a good plan - definitely save a backup somewhere else!

I’ve only had to do that because of a different site I posted on that was only HTML. I’m not a coder in no shape or form so I would make different documents for each chapter but they were in HTML (after I found a converter).

I initially write in Google Docs and then publish it on Wattpad. :smile:

I would definitely not keep it on Wattpad.

I write on Googledocs and back up periodically (I cannot stress enough how important it is to back up your work).

The only thing that I have on Wattpad only is that one book where I’m tracking my goals.

Lmao noice

I used Word and then copy to Wattpad. I have used Scrivener, but I get terrible Writer’s block with it.

My first few drafts were in one file for the entire story. However, once I started major revisions, I split it up by Wattpad chapter: 1 per Word file kept in its own folder on my computer.

I use Dabble, which has space for notes, character arcs, and plot lines. Then I bring it over here. I find it is useful in keeping details straight.

I use good ol’ Microsoft Word. I have a bunch of shortcuts saved on it (em dashes, chapter headings, layout, etc), so it’s incredibly comfortable for me. Plus google docs just pisses me off.

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I write in Google Docs too!

I use google docs too. The outline feature is really helpful if you make each chapter an outline heading, then you can easily skip between chapters. Also I am writing it with a co-author, so that way we can both write and leave comments to each other.

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I probably have the most convoluted process, but I write it all on one ginormous Sord document with another document that’s called my “dump dox” for my outline/notes/random stuff. Then I put the chapters individually into Grammarly and edit them there, so there’s a copy of them in Grammarly. Then I copy and past it back into Word. And THEN I copy and paste it into Wattpad.