Ukiyoto publishing - Scam?

Has anyone heard of this publishing? I’ve just been contacted and I’m not sure if this is legit. I’ve asked to see a contract but I’ve been contacted by scammers before and this one I honestly can’t find anything. So, I’m just curious if anyone has ever heard of them.


If any publisher or agent contacts you on Wattpad, back away immediately. This is against Wattpad ToS, and they are most likely scammers. Report the account if you can.


Looks like a real company, but I have no clue whether there are traps in the contract or whether their network actually results in readers.

I don’t respect any company that tries to poach Wattpad writers, though. It’s against the Terms & Conditions, which reflects poorly on their ethics from the start.


Thank you @FireAlwaysReturns and @XimeraGrey I honestly had no idea that was agains T&C’s! I actually came here to ask the quest from WPs support guide!

I usually report these folks but this one seemed oddly legit. So thanks so much for that. It seemed pretty scammy anyway, but wanted to check if anyone knew about them. I’ll report them.


Hi @Nablai , I deleted your post. Tagging Gavin is not necessary, the best approach is to report, as the other posters already explained.
Thank you!
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