Um, hi?


Idk what I am doing really, but hello!


Hey :smiley: Fancy meeting you here :stuck_out_tongue:


@Orizielle I don’t know what I’m doing either but hey :sweat_smile::wave:



how do you use the emojis?

I got the link from your profile actually


Hey there!
I’m really confused I guess it will take some time getting used to



oh, wow. Cool ! :smiley::blush:


Did you do the robot ambassador’s tutorial?


so, is this a rented forum space? I have so many questions but I don’t know where to ask


ask @uncleL for any questions :slight_smile:


nope :open_mouth:

Idk where do I find that


It technically has already texted you, you should find it if you click on your profile in the notifications


wow you can upload a picture from your device you don’t have to host it anywhere

and no coding


yesh :slight_smile: and there is coding, just the basics are included now


yeah, but it just texted the guidelines, there was nothing about a tutorial


so is wattpad going to drop the other forum space and shift the whole thing here?


Idk if it will drop the old ones or not. We shall see.


I mean, it will be convenient if we drop that and link this one directly to wattpad profiles, otherwise most people won’t know about it and it will be like the Pub
yeah we shall see


They don’t know about it yet 'cause it’s being beta tested, it’s not ready yet.


what’s beta testing?