People do realize that not all users in the clubs are from USA/Canada/Western Europe type countries or are independent and have their own devices, right?

Using Crim as an example, not everyone has access to their own laptop or regular internet connection that they can just easily save or screenshot threads they want or whatever.

Just tossing that out there. Not everyone here has that capacity. It seems like that’s being forgotten.


The mobile app just opens a browser on your phone to go to the site tbh


How is mobile not optimized?


@spicy_sweets @Makaylasophia You both missed the point.

That was my example of this.


Are you talking about the issue where the keyboard covers up posts, so you don’t know what the fuck you’re responding to? I’ve tried the mobile web version a few times. Editing is a nightmare.


There’s a tiny tiny gap between the reply box and the header and sometimes i try my best to reread the words in between that so I can remember what i read in the first place :joy:


Reply to the first post, not the second one.

I’m deleting it now so there is no confusion.


Hi–what’s the issue? I want to understand how I might be overlooking something. By someone not having their own device, they can’t screenshot their threads? Is that important for you?


I’m assume you’re talking about Old Clubs and how people have said that they can screenshot their threads to save them for future, however–

  • we have not yet made a decision re: ‘what to do with old clubs’ but as i’ve said in most other posts: ideally, we’ll have an export data tool therefore you won’t have to screenshot threads. it might not be possible within our eng teams scope of work [they’re focused on wattpad core, not clubs, though they have promised to look into it for me], in which case we’ll make sure we keep up the old clubs for a long time period so that you have the opportunity to find another solution or you can transcribe the posts (copy+paste) etc etc


i understand how important those conversations are and i’ll do my best to make sure there’s a solution that you’re comfortable with


Would a site like solve this?


maybe not bc current clubs isn’t indexable by search engines


What about people grabbing the club links they wanna save? Would the OC’s pagination work?


oh can one input pages into manually???


With the link I sent, yes cx



Waitt, nvm. wattpad isn’t allowed eAe




Let me think how I can explain this. (It might take a minute, I tend to struggle with explanation eloquence.)


I was trying to call attention to the fact that most of the suggestions that have been tossed to me are “Oh, just screenshot”.

Which I guess is easy if you have a newer computer or something, but given a decently large minority engages in sharing devices, or has old devices with limited space and function, it seems unreasonable to ask everyone to be able to do that.

I’m creating a new google account to bypass the fact that my seven year old computer has less than a gig of data available most of the time, for example. Some people just don’t have a ton of options. The first suggestions Nick was making sounded kind of like he was suggesting I either get a new computer or suck it up… I can’t get a new computer, I’m just now an adult and going to college.

Things like that.

My example with the app was intended to be something to the effect of “We have this new app which makes clubs easier” but then clubs users can’t download the app because their device is too old or something (I luckily got a new phone recently but my old phone would definitely have been incompatible.)

God I hope this made sense. Please ask for clarification if it’s needed.