Unabe to login via desktop



For some reason, I was logged out of Wattpad on my browser and when I try to log in again with the correct username and password, it says my password is incorrect. I reset, tried again, and password is still incorrect. I’m able to log in on the app…



It also happens to me …


Same here. I had to reset my pw few times.


Glad I’m not the only one!!


I can’t get into my account and I am FREAKING OUT


Thank god I’m not the only one


anybody have any clue what’s going on??? I thought I was the only one


It’s a system outage for Wattpad (not a known issue, but probably related to the other one).

I would advise to sit tight until Monday, Tuesday, or whenever they poke their head in and fix it. It’s probably going to be out for a while. It happened on a couple of weekends back in January 2018. It was a major pain. Not too many at HQ (if any) on the weekends, so we’ll probably just be in the dark the entire time.

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I don’t have a problem at all from computer or phone :thinking::thinking:


We’re you already logged in or trying to log in? It’s the ones who are trying to log in.


I wasn’t logged out, but when I logged out to go into a community account, I got that, too. The saved name and password have to be correct, but while it showed two green checkmarks, the box saying “wrong password” came up.

And then it wouldn’t let me back into my personal account. I WAS however able to get back in by logging in with Google. So that might work for some people, too. Hopefully!

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Yeah. Wattpad is super fugged up at the moment.

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The same happened with me. I had to change my password to be able to log in.


Same for me, but email system is down so can’t reset it, and ticket estimates 2-3 days.


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Omg I thought I was the only one! I made a new account so that I could get on and read since I was logged out of my main account. DX
And I couldn’t log into my email so that’s another reason why I made a new account.
Wattpad, why you do this?

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Look here!

I had the same issue and this is what I was told to do.

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I could not log in on Chrome or AOL, so I had to change my password to get in. There is nothing about it on the HELP pages, so I guess we just have to deal with it until somebody here at Wattpad becomes aware of it.

Why would our passwords not be recognized? That’s a weird one!

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Same. Just changed password.


I had the same problem. Dunno what’s going on. I had to reset my password and went through switching between mobile and my laptop to do it.

Sometimes, my password wants to work and sometimes it doesn’t. I swear on everything it’s the correct password. Works for PC, but won’t work for mobile. It also doesn’t work if I use username instead of email. Try using email instead of username, that let me in.

I can login with PC, but for mobile I have to do a few times although everything is correct.


I’m having the same issue. I logged into the account of the bookclub (which password I had to reset) and I’m currently unable to log back into my main account. Can’t even reset my password.

I hope it gets fixed soon.