Unable to post stories in Clubs

I am having trouble posting links to my stories in the comment section of clubs. I follow the rules but they are not being posted. Why is that?

What do you mean?

What sections of the clubs? You’re only allowed to post links in the Share Your Story and Story Services sections, and have to be a certain trust level in order to post any links.

Trust Level 1 is called ‘Basic’. To reach trust level 1, which will allow you to post links and images, flag posts, and create topics, you have to

enter two topics
read 30 posts
spend 20 minutes reading posts

You’re not a high enough trust level yet. Newbies can’t immediately post pictures or links.


To be able to post links and images you must have reached a certain trust level. You can read more about it here.

Also, please keep in mind that advertising your story (with or without links) is only allowed in the #share-your-story and #story-services clubs.

If you have any more questions, ask away. :smile_cat: