Under 5K Reads Club


hey! there used to be a lot of such threads in the old forums but there isn’t any here so i decided to make one myself! basically, writers with books under 5k reads just hang out together, lament (over and over again) about how little reads we’re getting (yes, first world problems, but pls let us be, thank you very much) and just talk about writing in general!

i’ll start. i just passed 1k reads on my book and it honestly feels like a uphill battle to get more reads hahha. but of course, to put things into perspective, we need to remember that 45% of books on here have 1-2 reads. if you have more than 500 reads, you’re already in the top 10% of stories on here!



Ahhh you got there so soon! I’m so happy for you, you earned it!! :heart:

I also had a screenshot of the Stats:


Hi Eve.

When I first started dropping my book on wattpad I was editing it at the same time. It’s 80K words. I had over 1K reads and sadly they were all me.

Since then my best day brought 2 readers who read the first chapter. Until wattpad fixes the issue with a writer working their story the true number of reads will not be accurate.

Thanks for the forum, I hope it goes well. It is a good place for those of us who get lost in the millions of stories.


thank you so much, babe!! and omg thanks for the screenshot. i saw it somewhere but i forgot the numbers for those below 10% haha. it’s crazy how many books there are on wattpad that are so undiscovered!


Ohhh, I only have like 12 reads and a lot are probably me. an I join? :smiley:


Hey i just posted my one book here a couple of weeks ago and only got 14 reads


ah, i get you completely! it was so annoying when i first published my first chapter and saw that it already had three reads. i get that it’s just 3 reads so it doesn’t matter but i wanted to see my book get its first read, you know?

i think one thing we can do is just edit on google docs or something before copying and pasting it on wattpad to be published. but yeah, that self-read thing is definitely a problem on wattpad and hq doesn’t seem to be doing anything to solve it so shrugs


No problem :heart:

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of course! it’s a club for everyone under 5k reads haha. how long as your story been up?

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hey, that’s not bad! you’re better than 45% of stories on here hahah. what’s your story about?

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Its a fanfiction based on BBC tv series Merlin.

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ah, it’s a bit hard for fanfiction to do well on wattpad since wattpad is heavily skewed towards original fiction, especially if your fanfiction is not based off one direction, bts, justin bieber, etc haha.

how many chapters have you posted? (:


3 but in an hour i be posting my forth. I have 8 chapters written

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that’s exciting! it’s good that you pre-write your chapters haha. i don’t get people who can write as they post because i could never. it’s so stressful, so kudos to them!


Finally a metric to judge my success off of lol! I crossed 500 reads within my first few weeks being on WP, but I’m sure most of them were from feedback requests and not actual readers -_-


Well, i have 7 chapters up on other sites. I just joined Wattpad again and i didn’t want to post them all at once.


hey, that doesn’t take away from your achievement at all! at least you’re putting yourself out there, getting feedback and improving your story! don’t worry, readers will come, slowly (i hope hahaha). i’ve heard once you cross the 10k mark, your story will skyrocket! we just gotta hold on until then.

what’s your story about?


oh! what other sites were you on? fictionpress?


Fanfiction,Booksie and Active our own


oh hey hey, i used to read and write on fanfiction.net a lot haha. i found that the community there was more welcoming of new stories and i got feedback pretty quickly. is the site still very active?