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I think so!

I love your last line-- “you’ll make it if you want it enough”


Hiya ya’ll i’m back ish for now


I’m already 21 years old and I’ve been writing here in Wattpad since I was in High School but keeps on deleting it because I think it’s not that good and I never get 100+ reads. It was frustrating, but up until now, I’m still trying.

I recently published a book called UNDER THE SAME SPOTLIGHT and it’s a WIP. I consider it a breath of fresh air. I hope I make it this time.

Good luck to all of us though. I know we’ll all make it!


Good morning guys




hello everyone! i just recently got my 26th follower and 403 reads - even though its been up for around 8 months but first world problems right!? - either way nice to meet you all.


Nice to meet you. What genres do you write?


I write Mystery/Crime and Thriller. I use fantasy and romance as sub-genres. The story I’m writing right now is in a secondary school but its for an young adult and above audience.


I’m 22 and I haven’t generated much interest, age ain’t really a factor on wattpad. Not been here for super long though, used to publish my stuff on other sites. Been writing since I could hold a pencil :laughing:

Probably could try harder to get my stuff noticed but I’m lazy.




same feels!


Hello folks, happy friday


Romance, General Fiction :smiley:


I write sci fi and fantasy.


I just posted the title reveal for my second book here on wattpad. It only has five reads and they were all me lol. But my first book has two-hundred-thirty-something reads (half of those were me, im gonna be honest). I’m glad this chat is here so we can all see how many other undiscovered authors are out in the world with dreams just like our own. :slight_smile:


I have been posting regularly on Wattpad for the last month (every day or every alternate day). And I haven’t crossed 500 reads despite having 35 posts. It’s a poetry book, so I wasn’t expecting much because readers of poetry are far less than readers of mainstream fiction. And my book does have a generic name “Collection of Poetry”, but that is because I’m still in the process of finding the perfect title.

So as of today, I’ve 447 reads and 90 votes. And no comments.


I’m sorry.


I don’t know how to advertise because I’m self conscious about my work. I doubt I will get over 5k in anything. XD


Right now I have two reads. I feel mighty.


As a fellow 22y/o, I feel the crutches of old age (read laziness) too :stuck_out_tongue: