Under 5K Reads Club



I joined wattpad about a month ago (back from a 2 week-ish break) and my book only has 650 reads (9 parts now, 4 chapters and ongoing) :frowning:


want me to make it 3 :smiley:


Just yolo and spam the sys threads


Btw just going to throw it out there (take every opportunity you get :D) If your looking for a dark, psychological, dystopian world book then check mine out!


22! 22 is not old! I’m 22 in two months! We are in the spring time of of our youth!


Lol, I just found out about those today. X_X


Damn with those I managed to get 600 reads in under a month (with a 2 week break in between the month)

Try do read for reads at first (where you read a chapter of someones work and they read yours)
You will rise in no time!


Guys can someone help me on my thread, I need your imagination, may the best man/woman/other win!


I don’t really enjoy the whole false reading thing. I read peoples books if they interest me, I don’t even ask anything for them. I just add them to my list and spam them with comments and hearts when I am reading their work. It seems to keep them friendly. XD


True then look for critiques instead, they will genuinely give you opinions on their work, some do it for free!


Where does one find these?


Look for people offering critiques in the sys threads or even open one up yourself asking for critiques


Huh, I guess I should try that. Honestly I just would like more reads to come in. I mean it’s not that I don’t get a few every once in a while. I would just like more. (Cuz I’m greedy!) XD


Well I can offer you my full attention to your book if you manage to place top on my thread , are you up for it?

Also I did 2/3 weeks on sys threads and now i’m on over 600 reads so you can deffo ge ttha ttoo


Top of your thread? What do you mean by that?


Guys help me on my thread please, I need your imagination to get some ideas.

First prize: Gets my full attention and genuine feedback on your book chapters!

heres the link:


check my thread
below and read the rules.


How does one win this contest? It seems like you are just using the thread for ideas and then whichever one pulls your eyes the most wins. Is that the case?


I’m ranking best ideas and ye whoever idea is the best will win


Ahh, well I will plot for a little while and throw my hat in the ring I guess. XD