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got harsh feedback today, and after reading through my chapter once more to implement some of the changes I realised the person who gave me the feedback couldn’t have read the chapter properly with one of the questions they asked me



Aw, I’m sorry :confused: It happens, unfortunately. The thing about feedback is that at the end of the day it’s just one person’s opinion (and maybe they weren’t paying enough attention to really make it a valid one in the first place). I think all you can do is take what you think is helpful and revise, and leave the rest. It’s still your story and you know it better than anyone.


ayy 2 unique reads here lmao 130 + from editing tho, so at least no1 had to see the earlier drafts… :x










@breakwave @SylviaWolfe What’s up?


More like whats goin’ down


Nothing much, just me procrastinating




Same hahaha


According to some really specific math, Im #77 in action, out of 197k… thats like top 0.03% :flushed:


That’s cool man


Yea man

Whats up with you?


Nothing much…

Procrastinating, tho I already mentioned that. I’m reading.


Oh cool!

I need to do some reading at some point.


What :joy:

I’ve already finished a 1007 pg book and a 689 pg book this month — and that’s not even counting my wattpad reads.


I have a lot going on :worried:


Ah okay. :tired_face: