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I also binge read books when the time allows


Hey all! Haven’t been on this thread in a couple days, so let me hit you up with some of my life updates.

*My mom is recovering from a knee surgery she had, and we’re taking care of her while doing all our normal things (or at least some of them)
*I made some fried rice for my dinner after getting home from an evening shift at work, better than a frozen meal, but worse than a lot of other things :eyes:
*Trying to balance writing my multiple ideas and reading other people’s works, and advertising my already finished stories

So yeah, it’s been busy here. Not going to be up for much longer since I have work tomorrow morning too :sweat_smile:


I am here too! My time since I’ve been gone was I went and made dinner. Then I ate it… Not nearly as important, but I am here too!


same! glad it’s here! saw your stories though. I love star wars!!


I’m 21 and still trying to move up the ladder since I was 15 haha good luck to us!


EEPP Somebody my age!!


Can we be friends? PLEASE!


what’s your wattpad user? would love to check out your works!


love your dp!! and checking out your stories now!!




YES PLS!!! I followed you


Oh, XD Yay! I finally found somebody my age and I thought you ignored me. I was like aww… I think you are the third person who is my age that I’ve found here in the three ish years I’ve been here.


I followed you back. XD I’m John btw! :slight_smile: The locals call me Asted, or Lolli. Any of them work! XD


Hahaha! been here since 2013 :((( you can call me Aria :smiley:


Nice to meet you Aria! :slight_smile: By any chance do you live in Oregon? I have an acquaintance named Aria. XD (This would be an awesome coincidence if you did!)


Hello… :smile:


Good morning! Nice to see people making friends here on the forums like last night! :smiley:


i’m from the Philippines luv :slight_smile:




same feels!!!