Under 5K Reads Club



same feels huhu been trying since 2013 :’(


@RidingAlong !!

I have one work although it’s not perfect I hope you can enjoy it (6 Days 'Till Reckoning)


would love to check it out! what’s your wattpad user?


It’s the same as here:



just followed you!


Same :smiley: (I wont mind checking out any stories you have as well)


thanks, thanks. I’d love to hear feedback/critiques too!


I enjoy critiquing and I try my best to give something for the writer to work upon instead of mindless nitpicking.




Just know I can get carried away at times (end up providing you whole new sentences and structures) so tell me if I ever over do it!


Guys I made this thread for my book short’s. It’s somewhere we can express our idea’s and give opinions.


Check it out (I need some help)




Heya everyone. Im PikachuK18 on Wattpad as well - but hey there.
I’m kinda new here - even though I’ve been on Wattpad for around a year in total.
I have 250 ish reads on one of my stories and 630 ish reads on the other.
Ermm, yh getting reads is pretty hard especially when so man people have already made names for themselves, makes you feel bad about yourself.
Welp, all in all - hey guys this is my first post on these forums so yh…


hello everyone! i’m zi i’m currently writing my newly published work for camp nano that currently have 28 reads. and i think i belong to this club since its really really hard to find real readers for your stories. i’m somehow sad i’m not the only one feeling this way:( hoping some readers will give other undisovered stories a chance too


omg hii! abit shocked i found a fellow filipino writer in here! and oh, is that bok joo on your icon​:astonished::heart_eyes:


For some reason I haven’t written anything this year and even if I have tonnes of words to edit with the novels I have published here, not much are actually reading it so I don’t really bother. But I intend to when I have the time. I do however try to update my art commission rule book because a lot of people here expect free art from someone who studied it for 8+ years and it’s kinda dishearting to provide a service like that for ‘free’ because it feels like they don’t respect the profession of creating and crafting something, even though I do provide request services in the MDC.


Guys I crossed 500 reads :grin:




Hey guys,

I used to have a previous account on wattpad before retiring in high school and refusing to publish any further work. I felt like everything I wrote was fumbled and a mild train wreck. My story Endless had gained decent traction (around 12k) if I remember correctly before I destroyed and deleted it. It was completed and everything. A monster, I know. Who does that? I worry that I could easily fall back into the “No one cares about my work” hole because facing it, many people don’t! I feel like that is the first major step in making things work.

Recently I have taken back writing as I gain more control of my life and I am extremely excited. I am working to prepare my first teaser launch and I would love honest feedback and help discovering how to put myself out there again. I used to be constantly online but things seem to have changed fairly heavily since I last found myself familiar.

Looking forward to making future friends and reading some of your works, Thank you.



Welcome back! :slight_smile:

It’s so easy to get discouraged (I get depressed more easily about the content of my stories than low engagement, though – fellow fumbling train wreck here lol). It’s definitely a process. And I suspect that a lot of people either end up leaving or focusing on writing because they enjoy it and not for reads. It’s just so stressful to worry about statistics :joy:

Anyway, I hope you’re having fun getting back into it!