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I am definitely super excited. It is going to take everything in my power to get things rolling, the juices are flowing. Now its just about getting that courage up and out. Whoo.


Omg. Hi there, love!!! What’s you wattpad user so I can follow you?


its luxerzann how bout you? in what language and genre do you write?


In English, and romance/general fiction :smiley: what about you?


I’m barely touching 100 reads on my second book, which is crazy because my first book I publish on here did good (over 2k reads). I guess I’m being impatient :upside_down_face:

BTW hi everyone. I’ve been on here for a while, only recently started writing on here though, but I’m new to this thread :smile:


i recently posted my english novelette in tenn fiction/romance also. but most of my stories posted in here are in filipino language. do you read stories in filipino or u read just read english?


only writing I’ll be doing this week is my report for my degree that is due in next Monday :sob:


Hi. I’m Amy. Yes, it can be difficult to get reads sometimes. I think you are in the right place though. These forums have helped me a lot.




Hi. Welcome back. I love your excitement! What’s your new story about?


I am currently working on a science fiction novel following a strong female lead on the mission to find her missing brother. I have been working really hard in my writing to develop a story that avoided the typical romance path that drives the main characters (not that it is a bad one). I finally published my first chapter and prologue and I couldn’t be happier.


Good evening all




Congrats on your new story.


Thanks fam, It has been in the works for a moment now, I am excited to start producing and putting it out there for people to view.


That’s how I’m feeling with one of my stories at the moment! With my vampire-trumpeter-environmentalist story (I know, a very specific mouthful) I’m trying to steer away from romance as a main plot and keep it as a subplot and minor drama thing. Still working on it after years of on and off writing, but the overall plot has improved with my writing skills, so I’m happy.

”It makes sense that you guys care about saving the planet, after all, you’re only immortal!”


I… I love that so much. I gotta admit I am a sucker for a good vampire novel. It is like, my deepest darkest desire. Have you published your work yet? I would like to check it out!


I used to have it out but I took it down midway through so I could edit and make it better. I’m looking to start republishing sometime soon.


I followed you so totally keep me posted when you do, it really sounds right up my ally.


Will do! I’m excited to get that one back out, it’s already so much better than before! I’ve got a couple other stories that might do an interest in the interim, and I’m working on some other stuff too.

I’ll make Music to my Ears a little more of a priority now though :smiley: