Under 5K Reads Club



Guys I crossed 1k reads today! :tada::tada::champagne:


Got my first few reads on a book I just put out. It’s early days so we’ll see how it goes.

One of my fics on Wattpad had about 500+ reads whereas on A03 it has reached over 4+.
One of my old stories on ff.net has over 50k.

Its amazing how some stories fare differently on other sites.




I think it depends on the fandom.


I got some lovely feedback today when doing read for reads.

One of my books has well under 500 reads and it was still both long listed and short listed on Wattys last year.


I have written 6 stories. Book 1 has 20 views, Book 2 2 views, Book 3 has 96 views, Book 4 has 10 views, Book 5 has 13 views and Book 6 has 10 and I bet most of the views are from me posting chapters :roll_eyes::pensive:


I only have 13 reads :´v


@DestonSmith Hey, don’t worry, you will get reads.


Thanks I hope so to :slight_smile:


You replied to me but tagged another person, I’m confused


The message was for both of you


Ah ok, Thanks then


Wow… Really? That’s so discouraging… :frowning_face: How long have you been on Wattpad? I just created a Wattpad account less than a week ago.


Clearly, you can see that I’m new because I don’t even know how to work the block quotes right. Haha! :sweat_smile:


there are a few of us…




Hello XD




Hey!! :blush:


Reading these I don’t know whether to be discouraged or encouraged that people are in the same boat.