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Well, you still gotta at least try. It takes people a while to find books.


What is this series about? And is it for a mature audience? (if not, good. >.< xD I might be over 18, but I am not mature. xD)


I understand, unfortunately my stupid ass always expects way to much, with the highest of hopes.


I know that feeling. When I started writing and posting to watt, I had no idea how well I would be able to do. My expectations were low, and I wanted to be famous. xD I am a very contradictory person.


You have so many books under your name and look to be doing well. When did you start?


Six years ago on watt. I started writing in seventh grade, but I didn’t complete that book until I was a sophomore in college. I completed my first book, a different book, as a sophomore in high school.


I started in my last year of high school really excited and all but stopped because ‘exams’ and then decided to continue that book that I wrote now in first year of college.

Also I really enjoyed writing stories, essays, in highschool but my English teachers were never encouraging.


Find encouragement here. My teachers don’t know that I write novels. What year are you in college? And, what is your major?


First, but lol, my major is in computers.


Ah cool. I am a Senior in English. xD I am almost graduating and have no idea what I want to do with my life.


Computer stuff is fun :slight_smile: I have a degree from ye olde community college in game design.

It was a fun course. We learned a pile of c++


I just started and already want to get out, so lucky. I’m just craving that independent life already.




Ohh lucky, I liked drawing but if I was going to study a degree with art involved my parents would make it architecture. Animation is so cool, highkey a anime/manga fan.


My program was less art and more math :stuck_out_tongue: we did all the coding and there was another class that did our art and animation


Understandable, I’m high-key just in my computer class to you know, learn how to make a website/app and fingers cross its successful. Other than that I’m just playing games on the computers during lectures.


Haha, I feel like there’s a joke among computer science majors. You go in wanting to do one really specific, really cool thing and you come out with a lot of general knowledge and a job that has nothing to do with what you originally wanted lol

I wanted to make video games…your expectations are in the right place though because websites/apps is what I ended up doing instead. :joy:


My Physics department at my home university has quite a strong rivalry with the Computer Science students. For some reason, nobody seems to like them (whoops).


Interesting haha. I’m actually fascinated by the crossover between the two. Because I was required to take physics but rarely use it in my job, but a lot of physicists have to write code.

(I live with a physicist lol, she probably doesn’t like me much either :joy:)


At my school the CS department had a major rivalry with the information sciences/security department. That and computer engineering. It was kind of funny