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Agh, physics gives me nightmares from doing it in high-school and by doing I mean scrapping through. Now I see it pop up in computers and I can only think of falling asleep.


Same!! I’m glad I never ended up in game development because that seems riddled with physics.

Now I can just forget it lol


Yup. Physics gave me PTSD. Not kidding.


Lol, in my high-school our physics teacher read marks from highest to lowest and it was always a joy having mine last.


You are a lucky individual.


You’ll get there too! Just gotta survive those classes :sweat_smile:


I should feel insulted none of you like Physics, haha. I’m into Space Physics myself, and the Maths is my least favourite part aside from the coding. Do not like coding.


Oh, he did that? My teacher would literally throw the papers into our faces and be like:
This was the easiest paper that could ever be made and ya’ll have failed. Congrats, kiddos.


Yes, yes, yes! Astrophysics, I’m hoping you mean?


Are you secretly my sister?? She’s an astrophysicist who hates coding…or maybe that’s just a common theme lol

I love space! But I’m not smart enough for the physics of it.


I used to binge Youtube videos related to astrology, it’s really fascinating.


@bidiyakdamian astrophysics and space physics are slightly different courses - astro tends to focus on starts and the galaxy as a whole but space physics tends to focus more on planets and the atmosphere of the Earth

@its_artemis_actually I think it is fairly common, though I do know some astro folks who do like coding - they mostly started doing it from an earlier age though and didn’t get it dumped on them to figure out from university level

@A_us_tin isn’t astrology quite different to astronomy?


Yip, definitely meant astronomy.


That probably does make a huge difference! Never really thought about it before


Oh, i have just started posting my story, so I am trying to be patient.
I have four parts ready and I am currently working on the fifth. I have less than 100 reads! Finding more people to read it has truly been a struggle.


Relatable, I google ways and just read articles that work for the one in one millions.


The biggest thing to remember is that reads take time :slight_smile: there are millions of books here and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

I keep hearing that the first 1000 reads is the hardest


I’m glad to see I’m among like minded nerds who like space :stuck_out_tongue:


Space has been my favourite thing since I was a kid, I love that I’m doing a degree in it (well, I’m literally weeks away from finishing now, had all my lectures, just waiting for exams…)

yet here I am writing fantasy instead, haha. I love sci-fi but I have to fact check everything and I find it a little more frustrating because I know things, lmao


That’s super awesome that you’re doing a degree in something you love.

I’m in the process of writing some fantasy too (as a departure from my usual sci fi and space opera) what’s your story about?